Hot Stone Massage

bodymassagefaridabad · October 25, 2019

The massage technique using natural stones is an ancient technique based on the natural reaction of the body to cold and heat. However, the stones themselves play an extremely important role in this sacrament.

It is believed that they are the oldest inhabitants of our world, for thousands of years absorbing the energy of space and stars, earth and water. In the process of stone therapy, minerals transfer stored energy to the human body, healing illnesses and calming the soul. Some points on the body respond to a touch of hot, while others are activated by the action of cold stones. This is the essence of the technique.

Masters use stones of various geographical origin - from Peru and Argentina, from the Indonesian islands, from the USA, Italy and Norway. One of the favorite tools of stone therapy is called jadeite - a saturated green cobblestone from Japan or China. He rightfully takes the place of the emperor among the stones. Jadeite is credited with the properties of a talisman and a powerful stabilizer that can affect the course of the most serious diseases.

In thermal massage, basalt is most often used, since it equally includes all types of energy. This stone cools slowly, generously sharing its warmth with a person. Exposure to cold is carried out through pieces of marble.

How does stone therapy work?

Masters who work on the patient’s body with stones always remember the spiritual component of the interaction. Four elements coexist in each stone: the power of fire and the calmness of the water, the life-giving energy of the earth and the wind that knows no obstacles. It is believed that at a subtle level, stones absorb negative emotions, tension and neutralize negative, pathogenic energy. And in return they fill us with the pure energy of nature. But how does it work in the physical body? After all, we are not able to see the movement of subtle matters. The alternation of cold and heat, the competent effect on certain points causes a response at the level of lymph flow and capillary circulation. The clamps caused by stress, worries and fears are removed on a physical level, giving way to relaxation and peace. The body literally comes to life. Another positive effect of stone therapy is an increase in the level of endorphins. The patient feels a surge of joy and relaxation, and the body starts the mechanisms of self-healing. Stone treatment gives good results in the treatment of insomnia, metabolic disorders and diseases of the veins.

Features of the procedure

Masters of stone therapy say that the strength of each stone is determined not only by its temperature. Weight, degree of smoothness of the surface, shape, charge and ability to retain heat influence it. Rhythmic massaging movements with heated stones in the most active zones affect the nerve bundles and vessel walls. Work begins with the spine, auricles, temples, feet and hands. In just a couple of minutes, a feeling of pleasant warmth appears, the skin turns red, the vessels expand. The first to react is capillary circulation and metabolic processes. This is followed by a massage with cold stones, which causes a narrowing of blood vessels, which stimulates the outflow of lymph, eliminates stagnation in the veins and normalizes the functions of the autonomic nervous system. Indirectly, the endocrine and immune systems respond to the effect, the underlying mechanisms of energy harmonization are activated, and relaxation begins.

A stone therapy session begins and ends with a manual massage. Soft, sliding touches first prepare the skin, making it as susceptible to stones as possible. And in the end, massage enhances relaxation, maintains endorphins and soothes.

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